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E16: Ira Black - Interview Sessions With The Guitar Player For Of Gods & Monsters, Lizzy Borden, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors, And More – Plus Gear Talk In This Overview Of His Career To Date.

May 23, 2021

In this episode, Ira Black speaks with host Cole Coleman about the newest band he’s in Of Gods & Monsters and their new release due out soon; getting his home studio together and mixing and mastering; experimenting with different instruments and studio tools; his plans to release a solo metal record featuring him on vocals as well as guitar; how he got started playing guitar; how destiny seems to have put him on the road to being a musician from birth; how from the day he got his first guitar he started writing his own music and never was drawn to play covers; remembering his first show with his first band Arcane which was opening for Tommy Tutone; remembering his crossover point from local musician to professional with the band Heathen; his path through Vicious Rumors, Metal Church, Chris Caffery; and Lizzy Borden; recording a track with Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera; focusing on Of Gods & Monsters; studio gear for guitar. (Photo By: Karuna Tanahashi)

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