Rock Music Alliance: Channel 1

E18: Joe Lester - Interview Sessions With The Bass Player For The Atomic Punks – Well Known Tribute To Early Van Halen, Tour Manager For Steel Panther, Photographer, Representative For Ultimate Ears.

July 20, 2022

In this episode, Joe Lester speaks with host Cole Coleman about his origins in Kodiak and Anchorage AK, his formative years in Seattle, WA; how he got started in music; seeing the beginnings of the “Seattle Sound;” moving to Los Angeles to launch his music career; how he got into The Atomic Punks; touring with The Atomic Punks; having bass player Michael Anthony of Van Halen guest with the band; meeting David Lee Roth; becoming the tour manager for Steel Panther; his photography; forming the band California; being the Los Angeles representative for Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors and how that blends well with his music career.

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