Rock Music Alliance: Channel 1

E10: Sam Bam Koltun - Interview Sessions With The Rising Guitar Player For Faster Pussycat, Budderside, and Dorothy.

December 28, 2020

In this episode, Sam Bam Koltun talks with host Cole Coleman about the origin of his name; his latest main projects with Faster Pussycat, Budderside, and Dorothy; how he got the gig with Faster Pussycat; his days growing up in Chesterfield Missouri, his first gigs and jam nights there; what it’s like having a dad who looks like a rock star; how Rafael Moreira inspired him to first get into guitar playing; his first arena gig at age 14; moving to Los Angeles at age 18 to attend Musician’s Institute; his first gig and first jam after moving to Los Angeles; his time with Made In America; meeting some of his guitar heroes at the Lucky Strike jams; his first touring experience with Gabbie Rae opening for the band Europe; how meeting people, networking, attending the jams is at least as important as your playing ability and has led to 100% of his gigs; how he has written 150 songs of his own and hopes to record and release them one day; how his gig with Budderside happened; and a chat about gear including his Les Pauls, amps and amp-modeling versus real amps, stomp boxes and multi-effects processors; and recording Faster Pussycat’s next album using all Kemper.

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