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E11: STONETRIP - Our Rising Artist Spotlight Is On This Band From Melbourne, Australia As They Celebrate Their First Audio And Video Release Of Their Song “Sideways.”

February 10, 2021

In this episode, Mark Ritchie and Mick Malusa of STONETRIP talk with host Cole Coleman announcing the video for their first release “Sideways;” how STONETRIP formed; assembling the lineup of the band over 6-7 months; recording their songs during the downtime of the Covid19 pandemic; about how Mark and Mick have known each other through bands; naming the lineup of STONETRIP; how they wrote their first group of songs; how they chose STONETRIP for their name; deciding to perform first then record; remembering a few venues they performed at in the city they’re based in Melbourne, Australia; starting up with a promotions and marketing company; finding producer Rickie Rae through seeking a killer drum sound; the inspiration of the lyrics and listening to a sample of their first release “Sideways;” where guitarist Mick Malusa is from and how he became a guitar player; where singer Mark Ritchie is from and how he became a singer; the guitars, amps, and effects Mick Malusa uses; deciding to either release a full album or release singles over the coming year.

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