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E12: Stevie Stewart - Interview Sessions With The Keyboardist Of The Sweet - An Overview Of His Life And Career And What Is Next!

March 4, 2021

In this episode, Stevie Stewart talks with host Cole Coleman about how he’s been holding up during the Covid19 pandemic; how The Sweet is deciding if they will continue since the death of bassist and founder Steve Priest; how he found out that Steve Priest had died and how it has affected him; how if The Sweet continue he may take over the bass spot; how he first started working with The Sweet; how he had to perform on the night his stepfather died and how musicians often must perform under adverse conditions; how there were two versions of The Sweet performing; how many bands from the golden age of rock have two versions and that they are becoming multi-generational; where he was born and raised in a musical family; growing up as a hyper-kid eager to play the drums and his mother’s piano; how his step-father steered him towards piano; how he got his first organ and first Hammond organ; how as a keyboard player having the right gear can open doors; how he decided to move to Los Angeles in 1992; how placing an ad in Music Connection got him plenty of gigs his first year in L.A.; meeting up again with Nick Nicholas and gigging with the band World Classic Rockers for 13 years where he worked with many major names in Rock; his battle with severe dyslexia and his highly developed sense of hearing as a result; performing at and enjoying the Lucky Strike and Ultimate Jam nights in Hollywood; many of his current projects; some of the gear he uses in the studio; his advice for making connections and furthering your career in the virtual-digital age.

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