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E13: Cyan Kicks - Interview Sessions With The Finnish Band As They Announce Their Latest EP Release “Not Your Kind.” Plus, We Explore Their Origins And Listen To A Song From Their New Release.

March 12, 2021

In this episode, host Cole Coleman talks with Susanna Aleksandra, Niila Perkkio, and Leevi Erkkila as they announce the release of their latest EP: Not Your Kind; if they feel they are reaching an audience beyond Finland their home country; how and when Cyan Kicks formed; meeting each other in music school; describing the live music club scene in their town of Helsinki; how once forming they set a goal to succeed as music artists; how songwriting takes place inside Cyan Kicks; how they chose their name; how they were set to perform at festivals and begin performing beyond Finland before the Covid19 pandemic hit; who the current lineup of the band is; deciding to perform or record first; remembering their first performance; how their record label Ranka Kustannus found them; if they have a producer or are self-produced; listening to a sample of the song The Flood from their latest EP: Not Your Kind; announcing their plans to release a full-length album in the Fall of 2021; how Susanna Aleksandra is fulfilling her lifelong dream to sing and perform and some of her influences; some of the gear Niila uses to record and produce the band; how Niila secretly became a guitar player and some of his influences; how Leevi got into music and has always been drawn to bass; some of the guitars and plugins Niila uses to track with; some of the bass guitars and gear Leevi uses; some of the microphones Susanna uses in the studio and live; how they have begun tracking their next full-length album and are pouring all their energy into it.

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