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E15: Graham Bonnet & Beth-Ami Heavenstone - Interview Sessions With The Vocalist For Rainbow, Alacatrazz, MSG, And More About His Forth Coming Album. Plus, A Brief Overview Of His Career.

May 16, 2021

In this episode, Graham Bonnet and Beth-Ami Heavenstone speak with host Cole Coleman about writing new songs for a new Graham Bonnet album; the newly released Alcatrazz album (2020); doing recording tracks remotely; how Beth-Ami and Graham met and started doing music together; how the new Graham Bonnet album will have guest players Bob Kulick in his last studio appearance, and Steve Vai on it; how Ritchie Blackmore and Cozy Powell were always needling him about his short hair; how in his first show with Rainbow replacing Ronnie James Dio he had to win over the audience; how Beth-Ami’s last interaction with Bob Kulick was a dispute over lyrics; how Graham’s style began in R&B with The Marbles; the path from The Marbles to Rainbow; how there were for a time two Alcatrazz bands performing and how they’re now consolidated to one; how Alcatrazz may tour once the Covid19 Pandemic lifts; remembering his guest appearance with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; guesting at the Ultimate Jam Night at The Whisky in Hollywood; how Beth-Ami got started in playing bass and performed her first gig with Bootleg opening for Jailhouse; Beth-Ami’s bass origins in Philadelphia and New York; how the next Graham Bonnet album may feature many guests spanning his career.

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