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E4: Mahogany Rush - Interview Sessions With Paul Harwood, Jimmy Ayoub, Claudio Pesavento, And Special Guest John Tempesta. Part 2

June 24, 2020

In Part 2: Host Cole Coleman continues his conference call with Paul, Jimmy, Claudio, and John speaking about monitor gear; why Mahogany Rush (MR) parted ways; remembering when young AC/DC opened for MR. Then, we go to Drum Talk featuring Jimmy Ayoub and John Tempesta (The Cult, Rob Zombie) discussing shells, heads, snares and snare drums, cymbals, and tips for drummers starting out. During the conversation Jimmy Ayoub reveals his battle with cancer and Claudio Pesavento shares about his own battle with cancer while working with Chris Squire (Yes). Then, we wrap things up with MR remembering when Rush battled them for the name - and the limelight!

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