Rock Music Alliance: Channel 1

E8: Brian Young - Interview Sessions With Session Guitarist And Band Member Of Atomic Punks And David Lee Roth Band.

November 10, 2020

In this episode, Brian Young session guitarist for many and well-known for his time as band member with the Atomic Punks and the David Lee Roth Band talks with host Cole Coleman about his beginnings in Camarillo CA; attending GIT circa: 1983-84; his inspiration for starting to play guitar and early influences including Chet Atkins, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Allan Holdsworth; his early cover band leading to an original band with singer Jeff Scott Soto; his time with Beau Nasty and Psychotic Symphony; his gig with Atomic Punks leading to the David Lee Roth Band and what it’s like to work with Dave; a brief chat about recording and gear; and some advice for jump starting your career as a guitarist.

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